Trollhättan Energi is now interested in pilot-plant trials to investigate different ways of sludge liquor treatment.

We would like to man this project with a committed student, who operates the pilot plant (by sampling, calibration of the instruments, doing measurements, inspection, etc.), processes the data and writes a final report which Trollhättan can base their decisions on.
The student will be guided by a very experienced team from Chalmers (Britt-Marie Wilén, official supervisor, Professor, Head of Division Water Environment Technology), Trollhättan Energi (Per Rundahl, Linus Lesser), H2OLAND (Mark de Blois, co-supervisor on process) and Sweco Environment (Erik Sönegård, Andreas Tengström)
The pilot tests will be started in the end of January 2022 and be finished in May 2022.

Full description and contact information.

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