Phosphorus recovery from wastewater – IWA Sweden seminar 11 April

To establish the status for phosphorus extraction from thermochemically treated sludge an IWA Sweden seminar is being arranged 11 april in Malmö.

This seminar will focus on the potential of thermochemical sludge treatment. Extraction of phosphorus from digester supernatant and from precipitated sludge will be presented as well.

Experts from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Sweden will present the tech-nological status, and technology providers will present their technologies.

The seminar invites professionals in the public and private water sector, NGOs and academia with an ambition to play a role in solving the issue of phosphorus recovery.

The seminar is hosted by:

  • IWA Sweden (Governing Member Sweden of International Water Association)
  • Sweden Water Research – a water utility owned research and development company.
  • RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden – a corporate group of research institutes owned by the Swedish state.
  • VA-teknik Södra – a triple helix cluster in Southern Sweden where universities, utilities and companies work towards solutions to the challenges faced by water utilities in Sweden.
  • Svenskt Vatten, The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association – the branch organisation for Swedish water utilities.

Date: Wed. 11 April 2018

Conference venue: Quality Hotel View, Hyllie, Malmö

The invitation and programme will be available in the beginning of February.

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