BONUS CLEANWATER is a new research project focusing on reducing the input of micropollutants and microplastic into the Baltic Sea by exploring, developing and comparing new eco‐technological approaches. The project will use four innovative technologies which will be explored and further developed to reduce micropollutants and microplastics in wastewater focusing on finding solutions that are both cost- and energy efficient. The project is a collaboration between universities, high-tech companies, and wastewater operators.

The solutions will be developed in close collaboration with the end‐users. The aim is to:

Tests will be performed both in laboratory- and in pilot scale at selected wastewater treatment plants.


The project combines fundamental studies on how the respective processes are controlled with applied ones, concerning safety of operation, cost of operation and assumed energy consumption.

Project coordination, participants & contact

Kai Bester (Aarhus University) is coordinating the project. Contact :



The project is funded by the EU, via the BONUS programme, Vinnova (Sweden), Innovation fund Denmark and the German Ministry for Education and Science. The budget is 3.8 million € for the project period April 2017 – March 2020.


More details will soon be available



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