Evaluation of nutrient recovery from wastewater

Wastewater sludge contain valuable nutrients in the form of phosphorus and nitrogen. These nutrients should be returned to farmland to create a more sustainable loop between urban and agricultural areas. However, today nutrients are mainly returned via sludge which also contain heavy metals and unwanted micropollutants.

The company Again nutrient technology have developed a technology for precipitating the nutrients out of wastewater in order to recovering them as a silt material, thus creating a potentially cleaner product better suited for return to farmland.

The master thesis will focus on testing the Again technology on wastewater, determining the efficiency of the method and its applicability for the Swedish agricultural market. This includes analysis for phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals as well as precipitation experiments at the lab of Again in Gothenburg. The majority of the work will performed at Lund University. The thesis work is part of a larger project funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova.

Who should apply: Students with a background in environmental, civil or chemical engineering are well suited. Knowledge of the Swedish language is preferable since the thesis works include reading Swedish regulations.

Contact: Hamse Kjerstadius, ph.d. student Environmental engineering (tel.nr. 046-222 89 98) hamse.kjerstadius@chemeng.lth.se

Start: Spring 2017.